Tree Trimming & Removal: Whose Job Is It?

This holiday season, Emerald wants to talk to you about tree trimming. We don't mean trimming the tree with garland and strings of lights; we're talking about trimming back trees that have grown too close to power lines. When trees start causing trouble, who is responsible for trimming or removing them?

It depends on the location. The tree's location determines whose responsibility the tree trimming and removal falls under.

Trees in the Power Line Right of Way

Emerald's tree trimming crews have the big responsibility of managing vegetation and removing tree limbs, dead trees, or "danger trees" from the power line right of way throughout the service territory. Emerald's district is heavily forested and trees are the number one cause of outages. The work these crews do dramatically reduces the number of outages as well as the duration.

Trees on Private Property

The homeowner or landowner has the responsibility for trimming and removing trees on their property. Emerald recommends removing trees that are growing close to the home's individual service line or tap line, as well as dead or damaged trees that can fall and take down power lines and poles. These types of situations are dangerous and could result in more than temporary loss of power; they have the potential to severely damage property, start wildfires, and cause injury or death.

Never attempt to trim or remove trees yourself if they are growing near distribution lines or your service line! Doing so can put you at risk of deadly electrical shock.

Call Emerald Before your Tree Work Begins

Depending on your location, we may be able to temporarily disconnect the power line so the tree can be safely trimmed or removed. To schedule this service, call (541) 744-7492 at least 48 hours before the disconnect is needed.

Keep an Eye on your Trees

You are responsible for making sure trees on your property aren’t growing into the service line that delivers power to your house. If tree limbs are getting too close, or if you have a dead tree at risk of falling, contact a professional tree service to trim or remove the tree.