Public Records Request

A person or organization may request copies of public records under Oregon’s Public Record Laws, as defined in ORS Chapter 192. A public body is only required to make available for inspection those records that exist at the time of the request. Persons seeking to inspect or obtain copies of records on a continuing basis will need to make a new request for records on each occasion.

All questions regarding public records should be directed by emailing our Public Records Department. For more information about public records laws in Oregon, visit the Oregon Laws website.

Requesting Public Records

  1. All requests for public records shall be submitted in writing via the Public Records Request Form (PDF). A search fee in the amount of $10 is required for all requests. This fee is non-refundable and will be charged even if we fail to locate any records responsive to the request, or even if the records located are subsequently determined to be exempt from disclosure. Requests and payment can be delivered to Emerald People’s Utility District (EPUD) during normal business hours, or via mail addressed to EPUD, Attn: Public Records Request, 33733 Seavey Loop Road, Eugene, OR 97405. To minimize the amount of search time, requests should identify as specifically as possible the type of record(s), subject matter, approximate date(s), etc.
  2. Once the request and $10 search fee is received, EPUD staff will respond within five business days with the total cost estimate to procure the requested materials. The $10 search fee will be subtracted from the total estimate. If the total is estimated to be less than $10, the difference will not be refunded.
  3. Once final payment is received from the requesting party, EPUD staff will work to complete the request within a reasonable time frame.
  4. If procuring requested materials takes longer than initially estimated, the requesting party will be billed for the overage. Once any additional funds are received, EPUD staff will send the requested materials.

Public Records Request Fees

EPUD policy requires that District services are offered at a fair and reasonable cost to individuals and organizations, in compliance with administrative procedures.  Fees shall be determined by the administrative unit providing the service in compliance with administrative procedures.  All revenues derived shall be distributed to the administrative units bearing the cost of operating the facility. For detailed fee information view the EPUD Public Records Request Fee Guidelines (PDF).

Fee Waivers

EPUD waives fees for members of the news media, public utilities, and all government/state organizations.

The EPUD ratepayer ultimately bears the burden of providing records free of charge.  Exceptions will be made for material currently being distributed as part of a public participation process. This may include items such as brochures, agendas, press releases, or public notices.