Starting Electric Service for Your Home or Business

Welcome to Emerald PUD! We look forward to working with you to determine your electrical needs for new or existing electric loads at your home or business. To avoid delays on your project, please follow the steps below:

  1. checklistIf you need new service, a yard light, or a replacement/relocation of your existing service, contact EPUD’s Operations Department at 541-744-7492 or to schedule a site visit with our field tech.
    • At your site visit, please be prepared to provide a site plan and copy of a building permit.
    • If you have any general questions during this process, please don’t hesitate to call or email.
  2. After your site visit, the field tech will complete the design of your electrical line extension and assign an EPUD work order number to the project.
  3. Once this is complete, you will be mailed or emailed the cost summary form, easement form, and material will-call forms as needed for your project. If a road crossing permit is required, the field tech will apply to the appropriate agency for approval.
  4. For underground line extensions, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide all trenching, conduit, back fill and will-call items to EPUD specifications.
  5. Before your work order is released to the construction crew, the following items must be completed:
    • Any construction fees much be paid by cash or check.
    • Required easements must be completed, signed & returned to EPUD.
    • Required road permits must be completed & returned to EPUD. (EPUD responsibility)
    • Trench inspections must be completed.
    • Meter main or meter base must be inspected and approved by the State or City electrical inspector.
  6. When all of the above requirements have been met, the construction schedule is 2-4 weeks out.

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