Energy Efficiency

As a public utility, Emerald People’s Utility District operates for the benefit of our customer-owners. We’re here to help you manage complex energy issues in your home or business by offering a variety of innovative programs designed to improve the lives of our customer-owners. We hope you will be inspired by these offers and begin (or continue) your journey to take charge of your energy usage.

Most of your power comes from clean and valuable hydroelectric facilities around the Pacific Northwest. However, as a region, this resource and other pieces of the Northwest energy generation and delivery infrastructure is at maximum capacity. By participating in energy efficiency programs, you can help decrease the regional demand for energy, thus decreasing the need for new and expensive energy infrastructure. Ultimately, increasing the efficiency of your home or business helps conserve our region’s most valuable energy resources. Plus many new efficiency measures can increase comfort, save water, or improve light quality in addition to saving you money. It’s a partnership that produces a true win-win.