Commercial & Industrial Energy Programs

Emerald People’s Utility District (EPUD) can save energy for our large and small business customers through a variety of energy-efficiency measures. We know that not all commercial buildings are the same, so we have tailored a program to meet the needs of almost every situation. Our goal is to make your business more energy-efficient and more profitable. For more information, email Tyler Boehringer or call at (541) 744-7480.

Lighting Retrofit

Lighting accounts for one of the highest energy use in a business. Why not consider having your old lights replaced with high-efficiency, state-of-the-art lighting? Better yet, why not have EPUD help you pay for replacing your existing lighting? In most cases, new lights will be quieter, provide improved light quality, and save you energy. Past projects include fluorescent lighting retrofits in offices, schools, barns, retail stores, and industrial facilities.

Items eligible for rebate include:

  • Old Lights in a bucketRetrofitting or replacing existing old fluorescent fixtures with energy-efficient lamps and ballasts
  • High-bay fluorescent upgrades
  • Qualified LED lighting
  • Advanced controls
  • Much, much more

Commercial Appliances

EPUD supports energy efficiency for our commercial customer-owners by offering rebates for commercial appliances, kitchen equipment, and commercial refrigeration. As an ENERGY STAR partner, EPUD provides information on ENERGY STAR (or equivalent) qualified equipment to help you save electricity, improve productivity, and make a valuable investment in your commercial facility.

Items eligible for rebate include:

  • Ice machines
  • Kitchen steamers
  • Commercial washers and dryers
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • And more

Energy Smart Grocer Program

Juice in a large refridgerator

For EPUD customers with commercial refrigeration, including grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores, we offer an exciting way for you to save energy. The EnergySmart Program is funded by EPUD and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). This program helps customers upgrade equipment eligible for rebate and streamline operations to get the highest possible energy savings. EPUD customers with commercial refrigeration are eligible. Just call (800) 230-9420 to request a visit from a BPA Field Energy Analyst.

Energy Analysis

You will receive a complete energy analysis of your facility’s refrigeration and lighting, as well as a detailed report showing ways to reduce energy use. Your customized report outlines potential energy savings, rebate amounts, retrofit costs, and simple paybacks. This analysis is offered to you at no cost.


The EnergySmart Program provides rebates for a wide variety of energy-saving measures. These rebates generally cover at least 20% and up to 100% of the project cost. The EnergySmart Program’s skilled Field Energy Analysts make customized recommendations with targeted technical assistance that work for your business.


The EnergySmart Program can assist by reviewing contractor bids and advising on technical options. For more information please visit the Energy Smart Grocer Program website.

Visit our Commercial Incentive Programs page for even more rebates and programs.

Commercial Incentive Programs

Industrial workersRegional incentives have never been higher to capture industrial energy efficiency. With Bonneville Power Administration’s support, the Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program works to match cost-effective energy-efficiency projects with these incentives for EPUD’s industrial customers.

There are a wide variety of program options for industrial users of all sizes and budget levels. By participating, you can save money and energy, and may increase productivity and profitability. ESI program staff are industry professionals providing technical expertise and resources to assure projects meet your quality assurance standards and are completed as planned. ESI program staff also work with you to develop a customized solution that protects your production processes and privacy, provides minimal impact to your production process, and delivers the highest return on investment possible.


Email Rob Currier or call at (541) 744-7402 for specific program details. EPUD can coordinate a meeting between your industrial operation and an ESI representative to explain the details and determine which program components your facility can take advantage of.

For more information please visit the Energy Smart Industrial program website.

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Industrial Incentive Programs