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Rate Schedule effective 10/1/2019

As a not-for-profit, public power entity, Emerald PUD provides power to customers at cost, and raises rates only when necessary. EPUD’s rates remain among the lowest in the Eugene-Springfield area.

2019 Electric System Charge Increase

In 2018, EPUD’s board of directors approved an increase to the residential electric system charge. Effective April 1, 2019, the adjustment brings the monthly charge to $31 per meter, a difference of $3.

This charge helps recover the utility’s costs of maintaining a reliable electric system. This includes the cost of equipment and line maintenance, tree trimming, outage restoration, property taxes, insurance, customer service and general administration.

Many of these costs are fixed and must be paid regardless of the amount of electricity used by our customers. Recovering a portion of these costs through a flat monthly charge, instead of through charges that vary by level of energy use, ensures the costs are distributed fairly among all customers.

Irrigation and lighting customers will see a general 5 percent rate increase to bring their rates more in line with the actual cost of service.

Revised Rate Schedules, Effective October 1, 2019

At the June 12 meeting, EPUD’s Board of Directors voted to discontinue the residential tiered rate structure. The utility returns to a residential flat rate of $0.0796 per kWh on October 1, 2019. View rate schedules effective 10/1/2019.

Rates Price Summarization for schedules effective 10-1-19