Payment Office Update

Our payment office remains closed to the public; however, we expect to have our new customer service walk-up window available this summer. Until then, please continue to use our online, mobile app, or Pay-by-Phone options, or contact Customer Service at (541) 746-1583.


Smart Meter

Customer Account Tools

Reliable access to your daily and seasonal electricity usage makes it easy to identify ways to save. And in the near future, you can sign up to receive alerts about the money-saving programs and rebates that interest you.

Account Flexibility

Smart meters provide more choice and convenience. As new systems are developed, we’ll be able to offer more flexibility in how and when you pay your bills, allowing you to tailor your account to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Outage Notifications

With smart meters, EPUD is notified instantly if your power goes out – a feature that was not possible with our previous digital, non-AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) meters. The outage alerts made possible by smart meters shorten our response times and help us to restore your power faster.