Smart Meter Opting-Out

Form & Charges
  • View the Opt-Out Form (PDF) and sign and return to EPUD.
    • This form must be signed by the account holder.
  • As approved by EPUD’s Board of Directors, the monthly fee to read the meter will be $12.50 per opted-out account.
    • This fee will appear on your monthly billing statement and will be reviewed annually with our rates.
  • If a meter change is required, a one-time charge of $95 per meter will apply.
    • If the meter has not yet been upgraded to the new technology, you will not be required to pay this amount.
  • Account balance(s) must be kept current;
  • Customers who opt-out will not have access to EPUD’s advanced metering technology, usage data for affected account(s), or programs made available by this technology;
  • A monthly meter reading charge will be assessed.
Criteria to Opt-Out
  • Any account(s) you wish to opt-out must not have been disconnected for non-payment at any time in the past 12 months;
  • Account(s) must be on a residential rate schedule;
  • District employees must have access to manually read the meter each month.