You share what you know. You share what you grow. You share life’s simple pleasures.

And with Sharing Sun, you share hope for a healthy tomorrow because:

  • You support clean, renewable energy
  • You protect the environment
  • You go solar without having to put a system on your roof. (That’s because Emerald PUD has put the system on our roof. We take care of maintenance and repairs.)
  • It makes good financial sense to you

But the biggest reason is… for the boys.

When you subscribe to Sharing Sun, you make a better world for your husband, partner, son, or grandson.

Why, you can even give the gift of sun by subscribing to panels for your grown son. He gets long-term help with his electric bill and your grandchild grows up with the promise of a healthier tomorrow.

Questions? Contact us at 541-746-1583.

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