So many firsts. Your first year of marriage. Your first home together. And now, you’re the first on your block to go solar.

And with Sharing Sun, your future looks even brighter because:

  • You support clean, renewable energy
  • You protect the environment
  • You go solar without having to put a system on your roof. (That’s because Emerald PUD has put the system on our roof. We take care of maintenance and repairs.)
  • It makes good financial sense to you

But the biggest reason is… us.

When you subscribe to Sharing Sun, you open the door to a better world for yourselves, your community, and the family you hope to someday have.

What a unique house-warming present Sharing Sun can be! When friends and family subscribe to panels in your names, you get monthly reminders (bill credits) on how much you are loved.


Questions? Contact us at 541-746-1583.

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