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System Upgrade Mailer – UPDATED July 2018
PowerLines Newsletter – 6/18

Why Upgrade?

Just like phones are upgraded every few years to take advantage of exciting new features, it’s time for EPUD to update our technology. Many advances have been made in the utility field over the last 10 years and we want to bring those customer benefits to you.

We are committed to building a stronger, smarter, and more resilient electric system — and improving our service to you. We’ll be introducing technologies in the coming years that will bring exciting new customer benefits, such as faster outage restorations, expanded payment options, and improved account management tools. The introduction of smart meters will also help us prevent future outages by giving staff better insight into the performance of our electrical system.

The work to replace existing residential electric meters with smart meters has begun. We expect to have this portion of the upgrade completed by early 2019.

What’s New

With smart meters, EPUD will be notified instantly if your power goes out – a feature that is not possible with existing meters. The outage alerts will shorten our response times and help us to restore your power faster.

Smart meters provide more choice and convenience. As new systems are developed, we’ll be able to offer more flexibility in how and when you pay your bills, allowing you to tailor your account to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Reliable access to your daily and seasonal electricity usage makes it easy to identify ways to save. And in the near future, you can sign up to receive alerts about the money-saving programs and rebates that interest you.


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