Emerald’s new Sharing Sun Community Solar program provides many benefits to participants. It allows customers the freedom to support clean, renewable energy, protect the environment, and go solar without installing panels on their roof. Plus they receive a monthly billing credit. For these reasons and more, customers are embracing the Sharing Sun program!

Participants Share Their Stories

With more than half of the program’s panels now subscribed, we’ve heard from many participants on what makes Sharing Sun a good fit for them. Below, see what subscribers have to say about the program.

As of October 1, 2018, there are no available panels in the Sharing Sun program.

Sharing Sun Testimonials

Christine & BJ

We are doing this for the environment. We have solar panels on our roof now and Sharing Sun helps us get even more electricity from solar. We also support renewable energy through EPUD’s GREEN program. And the bonus: It saves us money every month. That’s why we subscribe to Sharing Sun.


Since I rent my home, I can’t put solar panels on the roof. With Sharing Sun,  I can support solar energy and get some of my electricity from the sun. That’s why I subscribe to Sharing Sun.


As a waste management employee for more than 30 years, I’ve seen many changes affect the industry. For example, recycling efforts were doubted when first introduced. Now they are an everyday part of people’s lives. The electric industry is facing big changes too, and new technologies must be supported in order to be successful. That’s why I subscribe to Sharing Sun.


My wife and I subscribe to Sharing Sun because we want to get some of our electricity from solar but don’t want to give up the many trees surrounding
our home and blocking the light. We’re also members of EPUD’s GREEN program and believe in supporting clean, renewable energy. That’s why we subscribe to Sharing Sun.


I believe in solar energy but my Homeowners Association prohibits solar panels. With Sharing Sun, I can get some of my energy from the sun even though I won’t have panels on my roof. That’s why I subscribe to Sharing Sun.