Public Power Crossword – Enter to WIN!

We Are Community Powered

From small towns to large cities, homes and businesses in more than 2,000 communities across the U.S. get their power from community-owned, not-for-profit public power utilities like EPUD. Together, we safely provide reliable, low-cost electricity to more than 49 million Americans, and proudly give back to the communities we serve.

Simply put, public power is community power. Decisions about how the utility is run are made by people who live and work right here, in the community. EPUD is committed to the communities it serves, and invests revenues directly back into those communities.

Celebrate Public Power with EPUD!

Each October, EPUD joins public power utilities across the nation in celebrating Public Power Week. We celebrate because public power delivers more than electricity; it delivers important benefits to our customers, such as low rates, proven reliability, and local service.

When customers need help, public power utilities have local crews that can respond to outages faster. For EPUD, providing the highest quality service to our customer-owners has always been our number one priority.

Headquartered in Eugene, EPUD creates local jobs for customer service representatives, lineworkers, engineers, mechanics, and administrators. Kids growing up in public power communities can find a career right in their hometown.

Public power utilities exist to serve their customer-owners, not remote shareholders. With no profit motive and only the community’s best interests at heart, we keep electricity rates reasonable through a transparent process.

Local control and management gives public power utilities more command over day-to-day operations and increases our level of safety in the field.

Complete the Crossword & ENTER TO WIN!

Three energy efficiency prizes will be awarded!

Complete the crossword in the September PowerLines newsletter and return to EPUD by October 14, 2021 to be entered in the prize drawing.

Mail to 33733 Seavey Loop Road, Eugene, OR 97405 or submit your entry below. Must be an EPUD customer to win. Limit one entry per household, please.

Public Power Crossword

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After you complete the crossword puzzle, take a photo of it and upload it here. If you are unable to upload a photo, skip to the next section and type in your crossword puzzle answers.

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3 ACROSS - Public power utilities keep rates reasonable through a ________ process.
5 ACROSS - EPUD invests _______ directly into the communities it serves.
6 ACROSS - Providing the highest quality service has always been EPUD's number one _______.
7 ACROSS - Public power delivers low rates, proven _______, and local service.
8 ACROSS - Public power _______ have local crews that can respond to outages faster.
9 ACROSS - Public power is _______ power.
1 DOWN - Public power utilities exist to serve customer-owners, not _______.
2 DOWN - Local control and management increases our level of _______.
4 DOWN - Public power utilities have more command over day-to-day _______.