Cold, wet weather reminds us winter is here and signals an increased possibility of storms and outages. While Emerald’s crews work year-round to provide reliable service, some outages are inevitable. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind this storm season:

Reporting an Outage

Emergency/outage service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  1. Call 541-746-1583 to report an outage anytime, day or night. During large outages, phone recordings are updated frequently to provide callers with additional outage information. Please note that during a large outage, your call may be delayed due to high call volume.
  2. Report an outage electronically using Emerald’s SmartHub account management system. Once you’ve logged in, click on Report an Outage to send an instant outage notification to Emerald’s 24-hour service line. Access SmartHub at
  3. Use your mobile device to report an outage when you download the free SmartHub app. The app provides all the same SmartHub tools found online. Simply log in and press Report an Outage to alert Emerald’s 24-hour service line of your outage. The SmartHub app is available on GooglePlay and the App Store.

Outage Updates

In the event of an outage affecting widespread areas, updates will be posted on Emerald’s phone recordings, Facebook, Twitter, and website (, My Home, Power Outage Information).
Emerald does not monitor social media for outage reports, although information about large outages may be posted. To report an outage, please use the options listed above.

If the power does go out…

  1. Check your fuses and circuit breakers before reporting your outage.
  2. Turn off and unplug sensitive electrical equipment (TVs, stereos, computers, etc.) to prevent damage when the power comes back on. Turn on your porch light so crews can monitor your power status.