General Manager Scott Coe joined Emerald PUD in 2012, after enjoying a 24-year career at Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). During his last 7 years with BPA, his focus centered on the support of public utilities. This fostered his deep appreciation for public power and the benefits utilities like EPUD provide to their customers. Coe left BPA having achieved their highest honor, the Administrator’s Meritorious Service Award.

Since joining Emerald’s team, Coe has been a strong advocate for creating and maintaining a safe work environment, and a safe, reliable system for customers. “I was delighted to see that even with three significant storm events last winter, outage time was greatly minimized due to staff’s increased tree trimming efforts and proactive upgrades to power lines,” said Coe. “That work will continue.”

Through Coe’s leadership and the support of the 5 board members who share his vision of safety and reliability, the utility has strengthened its electric system with better equipment, improving both reliability and “interoperability.” This means Emerald has more options to deliver power to various service areas, so if a line goes down, there is a plan B.

A life-long Oregonian, Coe camped and traveled much of Lane County prior to moving here nearly 5 years ago. He is an avid runner and has completed more than 100 marathons. He added a fitness trail around the perimeter of Emerald’s campus and takes great pleasure in seeing it used by staff, customers, and others who work in the area. Coe invites you to stop by and take a few laps. Each lap is just over a half mile (2,960 feet).