It pays to be in hot water when it comes to EPUD’s Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate.

Rheem 50 Gallon Heat Pump Water Heater“With Emerald PUD’s $700 rebate, up to 100 percent of the purchase price will be refunded to our customers,” said Patty Jo Angelini, Emerald PUD public relations coordinator.

“These units can save more than 50 percent of an average customer’s water heating costs compared to standard electric water heaters. And to sweeten this deal even more, we will ship the unit directly to our customer’s door at no cost,” she said.

Emerald PUD customers win three ways with this energy efficiency outreach, Angelini said. First, they get a new energy efficient water heater. Second, since heat pump water heaters use much less energy, customers can expect to see significant savings on their bill. Finally, when customers use energy efficiency products their energy usage decreases. This reduces the need for Emerald PUD to buy more expensive power to meet customer demand. And that helps keep the customer’s rates down.

Increasing energy efficiency is a long-term commitment of Emerald PUD and heat pump water heaters are part of that strategy. “We have a growing customer base and the best way for us to keep utility rates down is through energy efficiency measures. It makes more financial sense for our customer-owners to use less energy than for Emerald PUD to buy energy on the open market or build expensive generating facilities.”

Discounted pricing on Rheem Prestige Hybrid Electric Water Heaters is available to customers through Dec. 31, 2018, and is made possible through Emerald PUD’s partnership with General Pacific Conservation.

To be eligible for the $700 rebate, the new heat pump water heater must replace an electric storage water heater in an existing home. Emerald PUD customers must submit an application to Emerald PUD within 90 days of purchase along with a copy of the receipt.

For complete program details, CLICK HERE.  The rebate application is available HERE.

Emerald PUD customers can have the unit installed with Peterson Plumbing in Eugene for the low installation cost of $600. To take advantage of this option, contact Petersen Plumbing at (541) 343-9339 to schedule an appointment. The approximately $600 installation fee is payable directly to Petersen Plumbing. Their $600 installation fee is payable directly to Petersen Plumbing and does not include the cost of accessories or materials (e.g earthquake straps, condensate drain pipe, etc). Please call Petersen Plumbing to verify the cost for your installation.

Rebate Amount Final
50 gallon $1349 $649 $700 $0
65 gallon $1649 $949 $700 $249
80 gallon $1949 $1249 $700 $549

For more information about the program, contact Emerald’s Energy Service team at 541-746-1583 or