With the National Weather Service Portland forecasting below freezing temperatures Sunday through Thursday,  Emerald People’s Utility District has seven way to help people stay warm and safe in their homes.

“Some evening temperatures are projected to dip into the 20s,” said Patty Jo Angelini, EPUD public relations coordinator. “We know some customers may be worried about a high electric bill or keeping a house warm with an older heating system and we want to give them some tools to help.”

1. Set up your space.​​ Snuggle up to interior walls. They are warmer. Close off unused rooms and stay away from big windows.

2. Dress in layers.​​ Wear long underwear under your clothing, a sweater, socks and hat while at home.

3. Take advantage of the sun’s heat.​​ Keep curtains open on south-facing windows during the day.

4. Cover drafty windows.​​ Use heavy duty plastic sheet/film on the inside of your window. Make sure the plastic is tightly sealed. Put up insulating drapes or shades on windows after weatherizing them.

5. Keep warm air in and cold air out.​​ Caulk or weatherstrip to seal leaks around doors and windows. Seal air leaks around pipes, outlets, recessed lights and unfinished spaces behind closets and cupboards.

6. Give your heating system some TLC (tender loving care).​​ Replace furnace filters at least monthly. Clean flue vent regularly. Keep your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is burning.

7. Stay warm and safe.​​ Never leave a space heater unattended. They are meant to heat the space you are in, not your whole house.