The Benefits of Prepaid Power

Prepaid Power is a simple, “pay-as-you-go” alternative to traditional monthly billing. This flexible plan gives you the freedom to decide how often and how much to pay. Plus, you’ll have access to real-time usage data, making it easy to save power and money.

Prepaid Power offers Big Benefits!

  • No credit required!
  • No late fees!
  • No deposit!
  • No monthly bill!

Past Due Balances Become Manageable

Customers who fall behind on their electric bills often find it difficult to catch up. Prepaid Power makes this easier by eliminating late fees and allowing the past due balance to be paid gradually. Each time you make a payment on your Prepaid Power account, a percentage of that payment is automatically applied to your past due amount.

Deposits are Refunded

Did you pay a deposit when you opened your account? If you did and a past due status is preventing it from being refunded to your account, enrolling in Prepaid Power will free up those funds. Your deposit amount will be applied to your past due balance, and any remaining dollars will go towards your future usage.

There are No Surprises

Prepaid Power provides automatic balance notifications so there are no surprises. You’ll receive an email, text, and/or phone notification anytime your credit balance drops below the threshold you choose. Out of credit on a weekend or holiday? Rest assured, you won’t be disconnected; just make a payment before the next business day.

Making a Payment is Convenient

Payments on your Prepaid Power account can be made anytime, 24 hours a day, using our convenient payment options.

  • Visit our website and log in to SmartHub or use Pay Now
  • Access your account using the free SmartHub mobile app
  • Use our 24-hour automatic Pay-by-Phone system at (541) 746-1583