Introducing Off Peak Advantage: The Voluntary Time of Use Savings Program

After receiving strong customer support in favor of a time of use program, EPUD is now inviting interested customers to participate in its voluntary Off Peak Advantage Time of Use Savings Program pilot project. Launching this month, the 12-month pilot project is limited to only 450 residential customers.

Logo for Off Peak Advantage, Time of Use Savings ProgramTwo Ways to Save!

As a participant, you'll have two opportunities to save money. First, when you shift your energy usage from peak hours to off peak hours, that usage is billed at a lower rate. The more energy usage you shift from peak hours, the more you'll save on your monthly bill.

Second, program participants can collectively lower peak demand over time (peak demand refers to the times when customer demand is at its highest and energy costs the most for the utility to purchase). Successfully lowering the peak demand will allow EPUD to reduce expensive power purchases to meet that demand and, in turn, keep rates low for all customers!

Customers who are strongly motivated to save money and willing to change their usage habits accordingly are best suited for the program. It is not a good fit for households that don't have flexibility to change their usage patterns, or have family members who are less motivated to adjust their usage habits. In fact, those who enroll in the Off Peak Advantage program and are unsuccessful in shifting usage to off peak hours could see their energy costs increase.

Want to know more?

Get information about the Off Peak Advantage pilot project, effective ways to shift usage to off peak hours, and instructions to enroll.