Get a Water Heater for Next to Nothing! Rebate & Discounts Extended through March 2019

Get a new heat pump water heater for as little as $49, and cut your water heating costs in half!

Rheem 50 Gallon Heat Pump Water HeaterWith Emerald People's Utility District's (EPUD’s) $700 rebate, customers can get a new heat pump water heater for very little out of pocket.

“These units can save more than 50% of an average customer’s water heating costs compared to standard electric water heaters. And to sweeten this deal even more, the unit can be shipped directly to our customer’s door at no cost,” said Patty Jo Angelini, Emerald PUD public relations coordinator.

"Emerald PUD customers win three ways with this energy efficiency outreach," Angelini said. First, they get a new energy-efficient water heater. Second, since heat pump water heaters use much less energy, customers can expect to see savings on their bill. Finally, when customers use energy efficiency products their energy usage decreases. This reduces the need for Emerald PUD to buy more expensive power to meet customer demand. And that helps keep the customer’s rates down.

Increasing energy efficiency is a long-term commitment of Emerald PUD and heat pump water heaters are part of that strategy. “We have a growing customer base and the best way for us to keep utility rates down is through energy efficiency measures. It makes more financial sense for our customer-owners to use less energy than for Emerald PUD to buy energy on the open market or build expensive generating facilities.”

Rebate & Discounts

Discounted pricing on Rheem Prestige Hybrid Electric Water Heaters has been extended through March 2019, and is made possible through Emerald PUD’s partnership with General Pacific Conservation.

To be eligible for the $700 rebate, the new heat pump water heater must replace an electric storage water heater in an existing home. Emerald PUD customers must submit an application and copy of the receipt to Emerald PUD within 90 days of purchase, after the water heater has been installed.

Visit the GP Conservation website for complete program details. Visit our Residential Incentives Program page for the rebate application.

Before You Buy

It is recommended that the heat pump water heater be installed in a location with a minimum of 1,000 cubic feet (10 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet) of unconditioned air. Heat pump water heaters may be installed inside the home; however, purchaser should consider that the unit will blow cool air while it’s running, and may produce noise comparable to that of a small fan.


Most plumbing contractors are able to install these units. Installation prices will vary.

Tank Size Regular Price Reduced Price Rebate Amount Final Cost
50 gallon $1349 $749 $700 $49
65 gallon $1649 $1049 $700 $349
80 gallon $1949 $1349 $700 $649

For more information about the program, email Energy Services or call at (541) 746-1583.