Emerald PUD Announces Two Winners of the 2020 GREEN Grant!

The two school winners of the GREEN grant and the solar panels.

After a neck-and-neck race throughout the voting period with each finalist garnering the support of their community, this year's GREEN Grant competition ended with the program's first ever tied score!

Pleasant Hill Elementary School and Al Kennedy Alternative High School submitted proposals for solar array systems to be added to their campuses – projects that will generate clean, renewable energy and result in substantial savings (up to $1,000 per year!) on the schools' energy costs. For these reasons, Emerald is awarding the $40,000 funding to both of these deserving projects!

The Winning Projects

Pleasant Hill Elementary School will expand their existing photovoltaic (PV) system with the addition of new panels and equipment on the roof over the gym. The new panels will save the school as much as 12,350 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year in energy costs. Because there is already a PV system in place, installation of this phase is expected to be completed by year-end.

Al Kennedy High School (AKHS) will have a new ground-mounted solar array system built on their campus. The system will provide the school with 10,700 kWh of clean energy per year and will provide AKHS students with an opportunity to learn how photovoltaic systems work. Installation of this project is expected to be completed by Spring 2021.

The GREEN Grant

The GREEN Grant is offered through Emerald's GREEN (Giving Renewable Energy to Emerald Neighborhoods) program and is entirely funded by customers who subscribe to the GREEN program to support renewable energy. The grant is awarded to nonprofit organizations in Emerald's service district to finance new renewable energy projects.

Learn more about the GREEN program.

Help the Environment & Your Community

Looking for an easy and affordable way to help protect the environment? Choose GREEN!

Donations made through the GREEN program help fund the annual GREEN Grant and support clean and local renewable energy in our communities! Choosing the 100% plan for the year avoids contributing almost 708 pounds of greenhouse gas (CO2e) into the air (what a car produces in over 787 miles)!

An Affordable Option

Subscribing to GREEN costs only 8 cents (less than a penny) per kWh, in addition to your regular bill. For an average household using 1,300 kWh monthly, it's about $10 more a month when you choose to subscribe at the 100% level, or $5 more at the 50% level. Your cost may vary, depending on how much electricity you use.

Enroll Today

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