Powerline Close to TreesEmerald PUD is required by the State Public Utilities Commission to keep the power line right-of-ways clear of trees and branches that can cause outages. Trees are the number one cause of outages in our rural service territory. Our tree crews are constantly trimming and removing trees under power lines in our ongoing effort to make your electric service as reliable as possible.

Customers are responsible for making sure trees aren’t growing into the line that comes from our distribution system to your house. If limbs are getting too close, call us at 541-744-7492 or email us at Operations@nullepud.org, and we will make arrangements to help you safely remove the tree. Do NOT attempt to trim trees yourself that are growing near distribution lines or your service line. Doing so can put you at risk of deadly electrical shock.

Get Power Friendly!

Trees enhance our quality of life, as they beautify our homes and neighborhoods. Yet improperly selected or sited trees can cause major problems.  Storms bring trees and limbs down on power lines, disrupting service and creating very hazardous conditions. Even in good weather, a tree growing too close to a power line can endanger lives.

Emerald PUD works hard to give you the most reliable service possible. You can be a partner in this by managing vegetation on your property and following a few simple guidelines:

The RIGHT Tree

When planting near power lines, choose trees that will grow no higher than 25 feet at maturity. Power friendly trees like these give you many options for spring and fall color, tree shape and size, and fruit:  amur maple, vine maple, Japanese snowbell, goldenrain, golden desert ash, Mt. Fuji cherry, Japanese tree lilac, and flowering plum.

The RIGHT Place

Avoid planting trees directly under power lines. Within 30 feet of power lines, select trees that will grow no higher than 25 feet. Larger trees should be planted more than 30 feet away from power lines. Right Tree Right Place Diagram