EPUD owns two Internet Service Providers. We’re proud to offer internet service that’s local, reliable, and reasonably priced. Our ISPs come with great tech support, free email accounts for family members, and spam filters. Services are available to everyone in the area, not just EPUD customers. We also provide a web hosting service (EFN hosting) for those looking to start their own website.

epudnet-greenFor EPUD.net service, call 541-302-2971
For BROADBAND: 888-813-0711


efnorgforwebFor EFN.org service, call 541-484-9637
For BROADBAND, call 888-813-0711
With EFN, EPUD offers a $6/month low-income dial up Internet rate to individuals and families that meet current eligibility guidelines as published annually by the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Download the information sheet in the “Related Documents” sidebar for more information.


EFNHosting For EFNhosting.org, call 541-744-7454