Ever wonder how your electric use is measured? If you’re an EPUD Customer-Owner, one of the BELOW pictured electric meters lives on or near your home. It keeps a running tally of your electric usage in Kilowatt hours (kWh) which is sent electronically to EPUD each month to determine your bill amount. It can also be used as a tool for YOU to track your own electric usage.


Each meter rotates through 3 different displays:

1. The first is a segment test which illuminates all fields and tests to make sure the equipment is working properly. This appears as 88888 on your meter.
2. The second display shows the meter is working and appears as 00000 or 00001 on your meter.
3. The third display, which will appear as a five-digit number, is your actual kilowatt usage display. It shows a total accumulation of kWh from the time your meter was installed. When the usage amount reaches 99,999, it resets to 0.

Curious how a change in your household may be affecting your usage? Measure and track your usage for a few days prior to the change, then measure and track again during/after the change.  For example, if your meter reads 54000 on Tuesday at 8am and 54080 at on Thursday at 8am, then your average daily usage is 40 kWh. Have a few guests staying for the holidays? Cooking/cleaning or staying home more than usual? You’ll see your average daily usage go up. Leave town for a few days? Buy new energy efficient appliances, or invest in power strips? You’ll see your average daily usage go down.

Call EPUD at 541-746-1583 if your meter display is blank but you are still receiving power.