Sonja and Soto Stay Connected

As a vision-impaired woman, Sonja Gunn sees the value of electricity differently than most.

“Having electricity is a Godsend. It’s the ultimate. With the help of electricity, my computer talks to me,” Sonja explains. “And with internet access, I can correspond— I can’t do that with handwriting alone.”

For Sonja, a powered-up computer expands her world. It allows her to communicate with friends and loved ones, and is now helping her pay forward the kindness previously shown to her. She’s using her computer to raise money to fund a future guide dog for a vision-impaired recipient.

“I can’t go knock on doors, but I can use social media.”

In 2012, a fundraiser was launched to sponsor a puppy at The Guide Dog Foundation in New York. More than 1,000 people donated, which resulted in two puppies, Soto and Vicki, being sponsored to become guide dogs. Sonja was selected to be Soto’s handler in 2014.

“Having a guide dog myself, I know just how valuable they are,” said Sonja.

As of mid-April, Sonja has raised more than $3,000 of her $6,000 goal.

To read more about Sonja’s guide dog fundraiser, visit the group page on Facebook at @

Pictured above, Sonja and Soto at home.

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