At Emerald PUD, we appreciate what teachers do for our children and our communities and we know how hard they work to provide valuable and meaningful lessons for their students.  We would like to partner with these teachers and schools to provide learning opportunities for students and resources for teachers.

On this page we have compiled a variety of resources on a number of topics, including General Electrical Knowledge, Electrical Safety, and Energy Conservation (with more to come in the future).  These activities are mostly geared toward elementary students unless otherwise noted.  Please feel free to download and share these resources with your students and fellow teachers.  If there is something more you would like to see, please give us feedback:, or call 541-746-1583.

Safety Image

Electrical Safety Education

The Energy Education Council’s site for electrical safety with activities, games, videos and teacher resources.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International site activities, puzzles, worksheets (grades 3-5).

Electrical Safety Tips

How Electricity Can Hurt You Worksheet

Identify the Safety Hazards Worksheet

Energy Conservation_Earth & things around it

Energy Efficiency / Conservation Education

Clean up the Earth – Information and activities centered around recycling.

The Energy Education Council’s site – activities, games and videos for students and resources for teachers.

Energy Hog Coloring Book – From the Education program at The Alliance to Save Energy

Energy Hog Activity Book

Energy Hog Scavenger Hunt

Energy Hog Game Show (PowerPoint)

Department of Energy – Information for saving energy

Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources

Global Stewards: Green Tips for a Healthy Planet

Go Green for Kids & Schools: Sustainability Education

NASA Climate Kids – Interactive games, coloring sheets, etc

Help Kids Learn About Home Energy Conservation – lots of links to other great sites & info

Renewable Energy – US Dept. Of Energy’s site for teaching kids about renewable energy

Kid’s Guide to Home Energy Savings


Electricity 101: General Electricity Education

Electricity Frequently Asked Questions (website or printable pdf)

Electrical Terms & Definitions

Lab Activities

Complete a Circuit

Conductors & Insulators

Electricity & Water

Ben Franklin Was Lucky! (creating a short circuit)

Investigate Your School’s Energy Habits – (grades 7 – 8)

Additional Education Links

Energy Kids Teacher Guide  – Hosted by the US Dept. of Energy; website provides energy info / lessons / activities.

Kids Energy Zone – CFL Charlie and LED Lucy help children learn about energy conservation with games, videos, and activities.

FOR TEENS:  Safety video showing the story of two teens involved in an accident where their vehicle struck a power pole–what they did to survive.