Wind, geothermal and hydro powerLooking for an easy and affordable way to do more for the environment? Choose GREEN! When you choose to buy cleaner electricity you help reduce air pollution.  In fact, an average business customer purchasing cleaner electricity on our 100% plan for a year can avoid contributing 2970 pounds of greenhouse gas (CO2-e) into the air, or what a car produces in 3303 miles.

Now with the exciting changes we’ve made to our program, when you choose green power you also get a vote in which local organization’s renewable energy project will receive this year’s grant money.  Your contributions will help fund this project in our local community!

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Businesses can purchase green power  for 100%, 50%, 25%, or 10% of their usage. The cost is $0.008 cents (less than a penny) per kWh  in addition to the regular bill.

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