Sharing Sun

Responding to customer-owners’ desire to purchase solar energy, Emerald People’s Utility District has launched Sharing Sun, a first-of-its-kind community solar project in the northwest. This unique community solar program brings solar to homes without the worry, maintenance, and roof replacement issues that come with home-based systems. Sharing Sun is partially grant-funded which makes solar energy as affordable as rooftop systems currently being put on individual homes.

NEW! Customers can participate by subscribing to as many panels as they need or until we run out of panels. They will receive credit for the generation on their bill each month. A half panel of energy costs $240 and a full panel of energy is $480.

As of October 1, 2018, there are no available panels in the Sharing Sun program.

Program Details

Sharing Sun participants began receiving energy generation credits in January 2017. Monthly credits depend largely upon weather conditions and the amount of assigned panels. For example, if a customer-owner subscribes to energy generation from 10 panels, the credit is estimated to average $25 a month.

Sharing Sun’s 224-panel solar array was built on the roof of Emerald’s headquarters by local contractors, Advanced Energy Systems and Energy Design.

Low Income Option

The low income lottery application period for 2016 is closed.

Most low-income individuals are shut out of community solar projects because of upfront costs. Yet like others, they want to be environmentally responsible and support clean energy.

To meet those customers’ needs, Emerald offered a low-income option, reserving 20 percent of Sharing Sun panels for this purpose. The low-income option was made possible by a generous grant from Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF).

On December 6, 2016, 45 low-income households were selected by lottery from qualifying customer-owners who have applied to participate. It was open to all eligible households and renters. Each selected participant was assigned the energy generation from one panel at no cost.

Payment Options

Sharing Sun offers a variety of payment options to make customer participation easier.

  • 12 month no-interest loan
  • Partial down payment with a 12 month no interest loan
  • Full payment at time of subscription