Prepaid Power

Prepaid Power is a simple, “pay-as-you-go” alternative to traditional monthly billing. This flexible plan gives you the freedom to decide how often and how much to pay. Plus, you’ll have access to real-time usage data, making it easy to save power and money.

Prepaid Power offers big benefits, such as no late fees, no credit required, no deposit, and no monthly bill! And for customers who have fallen behind on their electric bill, Prepaid Power can help by allowing the past due amount to be paid gradually. Learn about EPUD’s Prepaid Power program.


Emerald PUD also offers two convenient options to make budgeting for your bill easier.

Average Pay

Average Pay levels out your monthly payment to avoid the “ups and downs” typical for summers and winters here in the Northwest. Each month, this plan calculates an average based on your service location’s previous 12-month history and charges you that average on your monthly bill. Your payment will vary a small amount each month, as the average changes with your usage.

Equal Pay

Equal Pay calculates an average of your service location’s 12-month history and charges you that same average amount each month for 12 months. A new monthly payment amount is recalculated annually by averaging the previous year’s history.  At the time of this recalculation, any remaining account balance or credit is spread out over the next year into 12 even monthly installments, either as a credit or a charge (the amount is either added or subtracted to your Equal Pay amount for the next year). Please note: We may change your Equal Pay amount at any time throughout the year to ensure that you do not have a large amount owing at the end of the year.

Customers may sign up for the Equal Pay plan during the enrollment period, April through June of each year.


The Average Pay and Equal Pay options do not provide discounted rates.