Thank you for your interest in Emerald PUD’s GREEN Grant program! Your vote will help decide which local renewable energy project will win the 2017 GREEN Grant. The winning organization will receive up to $40,000 to use toward the completion of their project.

One vote per participating account is permitted.

Eligible Projects

The finalists have been selected for Emerald’s 2017 GREEN Grant – now it’s up to YOU, our GREEN subscribers, to choose the winning project! Read about this year’s finalists below.

Project: Farm School Hydro Electric Development
Organization: The Branch Road Farm School

Project Summary: Our goal is to develop a sustainable working approach to our power supply, by creating a hydropower system from stored water and its increased flow, helping our farm school to focus more on our curriculum and community offerings. Our site also would be a demonstration for functioning water storage, usage, concentration and power in a time where water and our watersheds need greater protection and understanding in their utilization.

Project: Fern Ridge Service Center Roof Solar Panels
Organization: Mid-Lane Cares

Project Summary: Install roof solar panels on the Fern Ridge Service Center to reduce energy costs, thereby directing savings to essential non-profit programs and services.


GREEN Grant Ballot

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