Bringing It Local!

Donations made through GREEN help fund the GREEN Grant Program for local, nonprofit organizations to build renewable energy projects.  This effort supports clean and local renewable energy in our communities!

Only GREEN power participants get the opportunity to vote on which projects will be funded by grant dollars.  If you want to get in on this exciting opportunity to show your support for renewable energy, join GREEN today.

Sign Up for GREEN. Support Local Renewable Projects!

 Sign Up For GREEN & Support Local Renewable Projects!

Looking for an easy and affordable way to do more for the environment AND support renewable projects in your community?  Sign up for our GREEN program!  Choosing the 100% plan for the year avoids contributing almost 708 pounds of greenhouse gas (CO2e) into the air (what a car produces in over 787 miles).

The cost is .8 cents (less than a penny) per kWh, in addition to your regular bill.  That’s about $5 more a month for 50% and $10 more for 100% for an average household using 1,300 kWh.  Cost may vary, depending on the amount of electricity you use. CLICK HERE to go GREEN!

Our History of Supporting Renewable Energy

More than a decade ago, we introduced our first green power program and the option to support regional, renewable energy. Since 2004, the green power program has grown from what began as EPUD Wind to EPUD Renewables (having expanded to include both solar and hydro energy generation). The need for this new name was inspired by the exciting changes made to the program itself.  In May 2014, we decided to bring it local.  Instead of customers’ funds going to support regional projects, they go to our local communities.

We asked for names that captured the essence of green power, sustainability, and the Emerald customer-owners who support it.  After receiving many creative entries, and a vote by Emerald PUD staff, the new name of the renewable energy program is GREEN.