Payment Office Update

Our payment office remains closed to the public; however, we expect to have our new customer service walk-up window available this summer. Until then, please continue to use our online, mobile app, or Pay-by-Phone options, or contact Customer Service at (541) 746-1583.


Tree Trimming

Can I trim my own trees around power lines?

No! Serious injury or death can result when untrained homeowners attempt to trim trees around power lines. Only EPUD is allowed to trim trees interfering with the power lines.

How can I avoid having my trees trimmed because of power lines?

The best way to avoid conflicts is to never plant trees underneath power lines. If you choose to plant trees near power lines, select trees with slow growth rates that have a short mature height and spread that will not interfere with nearby power lines.

What if I want my tree removed instead of just trimmed?

EPUD will remove trees that are interfering with overhead conductors or ground transformers. Since there are many factors that will determine whether or not a tree qualifies for removal, a site-specific determination will be made by an EPUD representative.

How will my trees be trimmed?

EPUD crews take care of trimming trees in our District. EPUD crews will trim trees according to American National Standards Institute A300 (ANSI) Pruning Standards. This trimming technique uses natural lateral or directional pruning methods which direct growth of the tree away from overhead conductors. This allows the tree to retain much of its natural form while requiring less trimming in the future.

How far from the power lines will my trees be trimmed?

Many factors help determine the distance from the lines your trees will be trimmed. They include:

  • Growth rate of tree species
  • Voltage level of power line
  • Current distance of line to tree

(The minimum distance for most distribution voltage within the PUD system is 10 feet tree-to-conductor clearance.)

Do I have to give permission to trim my trees?

Once we have identified that your trees need trimming, you will be notified that tree trimming has been scheduled. Your permission is not required, because state law mandates that we maintain clearance and keep the power lines safe and hazard-free.

The utility is legally required to maintain its facilities. Utility franchises, easements, and right-of-ways are often conveyed in the deed to a property. In addition, as a condition of electric service to your home, you must allow the PUD access for maintenance.

Why is it necessary to trim my trees?

Many trees have grown up into or were planted too close to power lines. Outages and safety hazards can occur when trees are too near overhead conductors. Service interruptions caused by trees are serious and may affect many customers and cause damage to the electrical infrastructure.