How does Emerald PUD approach dealing with a power outage?

When a major power outage occurs, restoring electric service is often a complicated process. Damage to the utility's electric distribution system that is caused by wind, ice, lighting, trees, or other severe weather conditions usually is not isolated to one specific area. Under these conditions, EPUD’s primary objective is to get the power back on for everyone in the most systematic, efficient, and safe manner. That's why we use the TSDS system:

  • (T) Transmission lines
  • (S) Substations
  • (D) Distribution lines
  • (S) Service lines

When a widespread power outage occurs, the first location that service crews check is the substation. The substation is the source from which all power is distributed. Service crews then start working their way out along the main distribution lines, or "feeders." These main feeders are repaired first, followed by the lines serving groups of homes, and finally, repairs at individual homes are made. View our Steps to Restoring Power (PDF).