Solar Electric Program

SolarSupporting our customer’s efforts to use clean and locally generated solar electricity is just another way we can remain true to our founding principles of local control and renewable energy. You can generate your own energy by using the power of the sun. Photovoltaic (PV) systems produce electricity usable throughout your home or business to offset the amount of power purchased from Emerald. When your solar electric system produces more than your home consumes, the surplus is returned to the electric grid and you can receive credit from Emerald. Emerald is here to answer your questions and help you go solar.

If your home doesn’t have the right amount of sun or a full system is out of reach for your budget, Emerald’s Sharing Sun community solar program may offer eligible customers a chance to go solar without the hassle of building your own system. Find out more by visiting our Community Solar page. While the first round of subscriptions has sold out (effective 10/01/2018), please contact Emerald for future opportunities to support community solar projects in Emerald’s service area.

Net Metering Eligibility

  • Home/Business is an existing customer located within Emerald’s service area. New construction may also be eligible.
  • The project must be installed by a Registered Contractor in Emerald’s program to receive the cash rebate, if available.
  • Participant is authorized to make home improvements.


  • In order to interconnect to Emerald’s distribution system, the project must acquire all appropriate jurisdictional permits.
  • Participant authorizes Emerald to conduct quality inspections to ensure program specifications are followed.

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