2022 GREEN Grant Voting

Voting for the 2022 GREEN Grant has opened!

Thank you for your interest in Emerald GREEN Grant program! Your vote will help decide which local renewable energy project will win the 2022 GREEN Grant. The winning organization will receive up to $40,000 to use toward the completion of their project.

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Eligible Projects

The finalists have been selected for Emerald’s 2022 GREEN Grant – now it’s up to YOU, our GREEN subscribers, to choose the winning project! Read about this year’s finalists below.

Organization: Fern Ridge Library District, Veneta
Project: Solar Array System (9.24 kW, 24 panels roof-mounted)

  • This project will provide sustainable and renewable energy to the publicly-funded building. Additionally, it will provide educational opportunities for library patrons. The total expected kWh production is 9,418 which will offset more than $700 in energy costs annually, or about 8% of the average annual consumption at the library.
  • The population of the Fern Ridge Library District exceeds 13,000, with a building use that, during normal times, exceeds 70,000 visits per year. Often during times of extreme weather, the library has served as both a temporary cooling and heating center during the day.

Organization: Lane Community College, Cottage Grove
Project: Solar Array System (7.7 kW, 20 panels roof-mounted)

  • The primary purpose of this renewable energy project is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs. The total expected kWh production is 9,017 which will offset more than $700 in energy costs annually, or about 14% of LCC Cottage Grove’s annual consumption.
  • Yearly monetary savings from this project would be deposited into the college’s operating Green Revolving Fund to continue financing additional resource conservation projects.
  • This project will also provide “hands on” exposure for the Building Operators Certificate Program. Instructors from this program will be able to utilize the solar electric system as part of their class curriculum.


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