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The 2021 GREEN Grant Competition is now closed.

Important note: An organization does not need to own its building to apply for a GREEN grant.

Grant Winner: Mid Lane Cares

Emerald’s annual GREEN Grant opportunity is a program that provides funding for the construction of new, non‐residential, renewable energy projects for eligible customer‐owners. Funding for the grant opportunity is derived from Emerald’s voluntary GREEN program by which customers can choose to support renewable energy development both in the Pacific Northwest and in our own communities. GREEN program participants have the opportunity every year to select their favorite project to receive the grant funds.

Only GREEN subscribers get to vote for their favorite renewable energy project through the GREEN Grant Program each year! View our Renewable Energy Program page to sign up for GREEN.

Previous winners include Creswell Food Pantry, Lost Valley Education and Event Center, Pleasant Hill School District, and Mid Lane Cares, and The Love Project Food Pantry.

Eligibility & Program Details

To be eligible for the GREEN Grant, your:

  • Organization must be an Emerald PUD customer-owner and a non-profit organization, academic institution, or public institution.
  • Project must be a renewable energy project that is directly related to Emerald’s vision to improve the lives of customers by delivering reliable utility services.

Emerald PUD has a long-standing commitment to our communities and to renewable energy.  We have supported solar electric installations on our building and in several high schools we serve. We have also supported wind power and even biomethane energy production with the Short Mountain Methane Power Plant. Learn more at our Short Mountain Landfill Gas page.

Apply Now & Win Up to $40,000 in Funding for Your Project!

Complete the GREEN Grant application online or download the GREEN Grant Application (PDF) and email our Emerald team along with supporting documentation. Applications must be received by 11:59 PM on June 18, 2021, to be considered.

Download the Application Guidelines (PDF).


Email Tyler Boehringer or call at (541) 746-1583.

GREEN Grant Application

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