“As a waste management employee for more than 30 years, I’ve seen many changes affect the industry. For example, recycling efforts were doubted when first introduced. Now they are an everyday part of people’s lives. The electric industry is facing big changes too, and new technologies must be supported in order to be successful.

That’s why I subscribe to Sharing Sun.”  ~Wende H

Join the EPUD customer-owners who embrace solar energy.

Responding to customer-owners’ desire to purchase solar energy, Emerald People’s Utility District launched Sharing Sun, a first-of-its-kind community solar project in the northwest.  This unique community solar program brings solar to homes without the worry, maintenance, and roof replacement issues that come with home-based systems.

Customers participate by subscribing to as little as one-half panel or up to 16 full panels. They will receive credit for the generation on their bill each month. A half panel of energy costs $240 and a full panel of energy is $480.

Monthly credits depend largely upon weather conditions and the amount of assigned panels. For example, if a customer-owner subscribes to energy generation from 10 panels, the credit is estimated to average $25 a month.

Sharing Sun’s 224-panel solar array was built on the roof of Emerald’s headquarters by local contractors, Advanced Energy Systems and Energy Design.

How many panels should you subscribe to?

Use our Solar Calculator to determine the best fit for your lifestyle.

Sharing Sun Solar Calculator


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This announcement is intended solely for utility customers of Emerald People’s Utility District who are Oregon residents. This announcement is not an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase, participation interests in the project in any jurisdiction in which such offers and sales are unlawful.