Fallen tree on power lines
Outage Update: Overnight Recap
February 27, 2019
Although a fresh blanket of snow fell across EPUD’s service territory overnight, the latest weather does not appear to have...
Leaning Power Pole
Outage Update: Crews Heading Home for Rest Later Tonight
February 26, 2019
EPUD crews will continue working until approximately 10 pm tonight and then go home for rest after working through the...
EPUD lineman in bucket restoring power
Outage Update: Steady Progress Being Made
February 26, 2019
With crews working around the clock, more than 3,000 Emerald People’s Utility District customers have had their power restored...
EPUD crew working on repairs in Elmira, Oregon
Five Things to Know About Power Restoration
February 26, 2019
Why It Could Take a Week or More EPUD estimates it may take a week or longer to restore...
Leaning Power Pole
Outage Update: Crews Continue Work in Face of Historic Damage
February 26, 2019
Emerald People’s Utility District crews are continuing power restoration efforts in the face of a historic outage caused by the...