EPUD restoring power
Outage Update: Restoring the System Backbone
February 28, 2019
With near catastrophic damage to sections of Emerald People’s Utility District electric system, and most of that damage invisible...
Storm damage
Outage Update: Colder Weather Coming
February 28, 2019
With more below freezing nights in the forecast, Emerald People’s Utility District is extremely concerned about the health and...
Snowstorm damage
Outage Update: Some Advances Overnight But Long Road Ahead
February 28, 2019
Emerald People’s Utility District crews worked overnight and restored power to approximately 200 customers. Many of these gains came in...
Salem Electric assisting with power restorations
Outage Update: Work Continues Overnight
February 27, 2019
Four line crews will continue working through the night, removing downed power lines and restoring power to customers. Approximately 6,000...
Storm Damage
Outage Update: Making Headway Against ‘Biblical’ Storm Impact
February 27, 2019
EPUD crews continue to make headway in rebuilding infrastructure and restoring power to customers, even as the full impact of...