Tree Crew works on restoration efforts
Outage Update: 1,000 Households Restored
March 1, 2019
Crews will get a good night’s sleep tonight after some of them worked 40 hours straight. On Saturday, one...
Forest Grove Power & Light Assist with Outage Restorations
Outage Update: With Coming Frigid Temps, EPUD Urges Customers to Consider Going to Shelter
March 1, 2019
With evening temperatures dropping to the mid to low 20s through Monday night, Emerald People’s Utility District strongly urges...
Damage to power pole
Outage Update: Answering The Question: Why Does My Neighbor Have Power and I Don’t?
March 1, 2019
A frequent question being posted to Emerald People Utility District on social media is, “Why do my neighbors have...
EPUD restoring power
Outage Update: Crews Continue Making Slow Progress
March 1, 2019
Six Emerald People’s Utility District crews worked overnight and restored power to about 300 customers. Approximately 4,400 customers remain...
Crew restores power after snow storm
Outage Update: Work Continues Overnight
February 28, 2019
Four line crews will continue working through the night, removing downed power lines and restoring power to customers. Approximately...