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News Releases

  • Kill a Watt Meters Help EPUD Customers Save Energy and Money

    August 13, 2008

    EPUD Customer-Owners now have access to a device that can help reduce their energy usage and save money on their electric bills. The Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor allows people to track the electric usage of devices in their home when they are turned on, and also tracks “phantom” loads, generated when electrical devices are turned off but still plugged in.

  • EPUD Shines New Light on Local School Gynasiums

    August 04, 2008

    Mohawk High School and Fern Ridge Middle School are enjoying new, state-of-the-art gym lighting thanks to EPUD’s Commercial & Industrial Lighting program and public purpose funds. A portion of these funds, collected from EPUD’s Direct Service customers, will be allocated to install energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures in local school gyms at no cost to the school.